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We are KindWorks.AI, an Oxford-led company focused on using Kindness and AI to improve mental well-being of employees. We have built an AI-driven messaging service that integrates into the messaging channels that employees already use (e.g., Whatsapp, Slack, MS Teams, etc…) and encourages them to improve their mental well-being by taking Acts of Kindness.

We have had great technical breakthroughs in our first months of operations including an early release of a scalable cloud based alpha version and we are just getting started! At our next milestone we are looking for new software developers (KindGineers) to join our outstanding KindGineering team (most of whom are PhDs from Oxford). Please apply by emailing as we are interviewing on a rolling basis. We are an early stage start-up, having begun work in January and launched early-field trials at a pre-funding stage. Your time working with KindWorks.AI will be shared with our skilled and enthusiastic KindGineers, striving to make a significant impact in the world by improving well-being through kindness and technology.


We are looking for passionate college graduates, or those in the process of obtaining a degree, who are motivated to:

  • Embrace an environment where everyone feels good/grateful to work and looks forward to each day. 
  • Work on a highly agile and engaged engineering team.
  • Have the ownership to drive groundbreaking features that will motivate kindness and improve mental well-being.
  • Proactively perform tasks independently and utilize technical resources to process ideas.
  • Collaborate with other KindGineers in building new applications/features.
  • Produce reliable, well-tested software that remains flexible to customer insights. 


  • Passion about spreading kindness by valuing humans first and living kindness towards yourself and others everyday.
  • Experience in writing public-facing code; A good general knowledge of software engineering practices is desirable.
  • Javascript is the primary programming language currently being used but there are tasks that can be deployed in other programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge and experience with webhook scripts and Google cloud computing are essential.
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and/or web development and NoSQL is desirable, but not essential.
  • Experience in test-driven development is desirable.

Our KindValues

Kindness                                   Commitment                             Transparency                   Excellence 

Being Kind is                         Being Kind is                          Being Kind is                  Being Kind is 

being compassionate          actively listening and            being open and              strive to be the 

and empathetic.                   prioritizing customers.          honest.                            best at what we do.        


Innovation                              Collaboration                            Trust                                     Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Being Kind is                        Being KInd is                          Being Kind is                  Being Kind is embracing 

 to constantly improve         delivering as a                       protecting                      difference and treating

 with changing needs.          Kommunity.                            customers’ privacy.       everyone equally.